Chinese censorship of search engine results is a trade issue, says Google

The Chinese government's censorship programme should be brought to the attention of the World Trade Organisation, according to Google.

The search firm is looking for the United States to add the issue to its trade agenda. Google representative Nicole Wong told the Senate Judiciary Committee that censorship could favour local companies, putting firms such as Google at a disadvantage, according to a report by the BBC.

Google announced at the start of the year it was considering pulling out of China as it was no longer prepared to censor search engine results to conform to Chinese law.

No firm decisions have yet been made, but the uncertainty surrounding Google’s future in China has led to Baidu, China’s top search engine, trying to advance its already dominant market position.

Baidu already has a 60 per cent share of the search engine market in China, while Google has around a third.

US technology firm Apple is also keen to expand in the country, saying there is “significant potential” for growth. Apple plans to open 25 retail stores across China over the next two years.

Richard Morris

Richard joined Lakestar McCann as news editor in 2009 and over the past three years has run the company's daily news feed service. Prior to joining the team at Lakestar he worked as a business reporter at Crain's Manchester Business, and spent three years as a general reporter at the North West Evening Mail in Cumbria.

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