American BlackBerry users cut off again

Owners of BlackBerry mobile handsets in the US and South America have been hit by service problems for the second time in less than a week.

Users across a range of mobile networks complained of being unable to access the internet or personal email accounts on Tuesday. Phone and text service are not believed to have been affected.

A similar network issue occurred last Thursday, leading to questions being asked over the stability of the device. BlackBerry manufacturer, Ontario-based Research in Motion (RIM), has apologised for the connection problems, but would not say how many customers had been affected.

RIM said the problem, which may be linked to recent versions of the smartphone’s Messenger programme, has now been addressed.

Sky News reported that some BlackBerry owners were venting their anger on the social messaging website Twitter.

One said: “RIM needs to hurry up and fix the problem. If these BlackBerry outages start happening too frequently, I’m going to get an iPhone.”

“All BlackBerry services were down all day over North America. No tweets, no email, no bbm. I felt so ancient,” another posted.

In the UK, mobile network operator O2 was forced to apologise earlier this week after some customers were unable to make calls or connect to the internet for up to 36 hours.